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The Outdoors

Tomas Tillberg Design envisions the outdoor pool deck on a cruise ship as a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, with careful consideration given to the maritime environment's challenges. A central geometric pool may often serve as the focal point, strategically positioned for optimal views and symmetrical balance. The architectural design should prioritize durability, selecting materials resistant to the corrosive effects of sea air, and incorporate non-slip surfaces and efficient drainage systems to enhance safety.


"‘Tillberg’s expertise in the cruise industry, its capacity to understand our requests and philosophy have been the fundamental keys for selection and we are very happy we did."


From a functional standpoint, our team of designers carefully plan circulation paths to facilitate smooth movement, ensuring passengers can navigate the space effortlessly. Social interaction is encouraged through the placement of bars and seating areas, creating a dynamic yet intimate atmosphere. Our perspective reflects a holistic approach that considers the unique challenges of the cruise ship environment, resulting in a meticulously designed outdoor pool deck that offers an immersive and delightful experience for passengers.

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