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Introducing a passionate group of professionals who are dedicated to creating and curating stunning interior designs into captivating and functional spaces that redefine human experiences. 

Nedge Louis-Jacques

Managing Partner

Senior V.P. of Design

Tomas Tillberg

Managing Partner

Carlos Reyes

Managing Partner


Tomas Tillberg was born into a family with a deep-seated passion for design. His father, Robert Tillberg, was a renowned cruise ship designer, known for his innovative and imaginative designs that helped revolutionize the industry.

Tomas attended the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm, a prestigious institution renowned for its rigorous curriculum and emphasis on traditional artistic and creative techniques. He became fascinated by his father’s work and the amazing creativity involved in designing cruise ships and worked closely together with Robert for years in order to understand the elements of ship design and the skills of the many professionals involved in creating successful designs.


In the mid-1990s Tomas and his father decided to start a design studio in the USA. They assembled an exceptional team of designers and architects who shared their vision of creating unforgettable experiences for cruise ship passengers. The company went on to design interiors for some of the world’s most impressive and luxurious cruise ships creating stunning spaces and venues that delighted ship owners and their guests, earning critical acclaim.

Carlos Reyes specializes in the development, planning and design of cruise ship projects around the world. After graduating with a Degree in Architecture from La Salle University, he worked for one of the top hotel planning and design companies in the world for five-star hotel projects. He has also taught Design, Structures, Drafting, Methods and Materials, as well as Ethics, at College Level.


Following his experience working on hotel projects, his nearly ten years of experience at Royal Caribbean International placed him in a capacity where he was responsible for concept design development, functional analysis, budget, and material selection, as well as coordination with ship builders for both newbuildings and refurbishments.


An example of his contributions to our industry is the concept and co-development of one of the most comprehensive outfitting project management systems that encompasses the work of designers, estimators, logistics, finance, purchasing, outfitting and management.

Nedgé Louis-Jacques has accumulated a broad-based knowledge and expertise with nearly 35 years in the industry. After acquiring a Bachelor degree in Architecture at City University of New York, Nedgé worked at the Rockefeller Group in New York.

Her professional journey takes her to Miami (the cruise capital of the world) where she worked at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines for eight years as a dedicated Manager of Design overseeing fleet maintenance and renovation projects for five ships while establishing annual budgets. Nedgé carried out multi-million dollar refurbishments from the design process to the installation phase.

Her expertise spans a diverse range of disciplines within interior architecture and design. And with her extensive background and knowledge of cruise ship operations, encompassing both technical and creative aspects, Nedgé is a seasoned professional. She’s capable of delivering excellence from conceptualizing entire designs to delving into the intricacies of interior architecture and space planning, She’s consistently tailored her work to meet the unique needs and regulations of the cruise ship industry, managing, and executing within the dynamic realm of cruise ship design for both newbuildings and refurbishments.

With a collective vision for excellence, our team of interior designers, architects, and managers bring years of expertise and passion to every project, ensuring that each design reflects elegance, comfort, and innovation. 

Headquarters Team

International Team

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