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An aging fleet of smaller cruise ships over 30 years old presents opportunity with Tomas Tillberg's near-encyclopedic knowledge of cruise ship evolution and niche markets.  

"We’ve been in Asia for more than 20 years with projects in Japan, South Korea and now China. The European yards are getting booked out which is another reason why we were interested in China." In close proximity to Shanghai there are 200 shipyards, but only a few are capable of building cruise ships. "There is a lot of capacity for cruise ship building in China today.”

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With formal training from Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm, Tillberg’s artistry expresses his aspiration for independence. A jellyfish ascending like a sunrise into a sky of fair-weather clouds, a gallery-worthy effort, adorns his office. Artists think about the world and share their vision by brushstroke. Mental easels abound for Tillberg, 76, especially Antarctica, itself, where the company’s new line of expedition ships will take travelers to vast, huge slates of ice creating a white, continental canvas.


As new companies seek out themes, Tomas Tillberg Design has fastidiously made a name for itself within the internationally based cruise companies that have taken the market by storm in the last several years. Companies such as Crystal Cruises, Cunard, Celebrity, Azamara and Star Cruises wanted to create a product that was fresh — and they wanted Tomas Tillberg Design to help them formulate an image that would captivate and influence guests' interest.

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Continuing to employ its expansion efforts with added designers to meet the needs set out by owners, the company has gone beyond the current trends with the development of some futuristic design on their drawing tables. Although these images have not yet been adopted and/or bought by cruise owners, new technology enables designers to create images such as these so that when owners are ready to embrace the future, Tomas Tillberg Design will be poised to deliver.


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