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Tomas Tillberg

Managing Partner

Tomas Tillberg was introduced to cruise ship design from an early age through the work of his father, Robert Tillberg. Tomas, an artist and designer in his own right, attended the Swedish Royal Academy of Arts and started his career working with his father and the team at Tillberg Design in Sweden. In addition to this work, Tomas spent many years establishing and managing a contracting firm which expanded into 21 countries.

This experience was put to use later in helping Robert to expand Tillberg Design. In l996 Tomas moved to America to establish his father's offices of Tillberg Design in Florida. His extensive knowledge of design and planning of newbuildings as well as stem-to-stern refurbishments created a successful expansion on the other side of the Atlantic. The offices of Tillberg Design in America have continued to grow through their 25 years of operation.

Today Tomas Tillberg Design's World Headquarters are located in Weston Florida where the tradition of outstanding esthetic and functional designs of newbuildings and refurbishment work for the major cruise lines, continues.

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