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SunStone Ship's chose Tomas Tillberg Design to manage the interior design and Finland’s Makinen for sourcing interior products and outfitting, both companies it has worked with for years. SunStone's CEO Mr. Lund commented “It is very important to have long-term relationships, we know they do things on time and that they know about quality.” Summing up the importance of bringing in a European contractor which has a longstanding relationship with the cruise ship owner, he said “I think it brings security to all parties that we are an experienced interior contractor. We know what SunStone is looking for and they know we can deliver what they require.”

FERRY PROJECT (KOREA) TANIT: A project of this type will usually take around 26-30 months to complete but, designed by our international team of designers, architects and artists before being built by DSME, it took a record 22 months from contract to delivery.” An achievement indeed, but what were the challenges of designing a ship in the USA, for a client in Africa, with construction taking place in Asia? 

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