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Carlos Reyes

Managing Partner

Carlos H Reyes specializes in the development, planning and design of cruise ship projects around the world. After getting his Degree in Architecture from La Salle University, he worked for one of the top hotel planning and design companies in the world for five-star hotel projects. He has also taught Design, Structures, Drafting, Methods and Materials, as well as Ethics, at College Level.

After his experience working on hotel projects, his nearly ten years of experience at Royal Caribbean International placed him in a capacity where he was responsible for concept design development, functional analysis, budget, and material selection, as well as coordination with ship builders for both newbuildings and refurbishments. An example of his contributions to our industry is the concept and co-development of one of the most comprehensive outfitting project management systems that encompasses the work of designers, estimators, logistics, finance, purchasing, outfitting and management.

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